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Why Romans 10:9-10 Is Not the Plan of Salvation

You May Not Know It, But Romans 10:9-10 Is NOT the Plan of Salvation This topic is a very controversial one, and I know that most of you reading this are doing so because you are almost sure that the title of this note depicts heresy. I understand your curiosity,…

Pastor Kennedy Akins, Jr. – My Testimony of Real Change

Pastor Kennedy Akins has a unique story that will touch your heart and inspire you to do more for God. This man of God can identify with at-risk youth and others who are not sure if there is a place for them in God’s kingdom. Watch this television interview and…

God’s Plan of Salvation – One For All

What Does The Bible Say You Must Do To Be Saved? Different people and churches may tell you different things, but if they are not Biblically based, they are not true. For instance, it is not a Biblical concept that Jesus Christ is anyone’s “personal Lord and Savior”. It is…

Bible-Based Teaching, Worship-Focused Living

God has given his church a mission to act as ambassadors for Christ, compelling the people of the world to be reconciled to God (2 Corinthians 5:20). We fulfill the mission of the church through teaching, preaching, and outreach ministry in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

If you are here reading this, it is by divine appointment. We the saints of ClearWay Apostolic Church would love to meet you and greet you in the matchless name of Jesus Christ! Give us a call at (616) 245-7525 and visit us at 808 Burton St. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan during our many service times. We are praying for you and are excited to receive you in Jesus' name!